As fans continue to debate what Pusha T’s solo work means for the future of Clipse, Pusha T gears up for a G.O.O.D. Music label release of Fear of God 2.

In an interview with, the Virginia native explained that the release would expound on the original Fear of God mixtape, with more in store for fans. “I’m keeping a couple of those joints from the first mixtape but added other joints and other features. We got some surprises. Ye is there. Odd Future’s there. That’s a couple gems. The beat just sounds so demonic. But I actually have to give it an [official] title. I tweeted the news the other day, when I finished it. I think we got one. It’s the three of us — Tyler, Hodgy Beats and me.”

On the topic of Odd Future, Pusha described meeting the ringleader of the group, Tyler the Creator. “Tyler’s such a fan, came to our video and said, ‘Yo, I have three beats that I made for you … and just know they’re for you. Please … hear it.’ He sends them over … I was like this is aight, this is aight, but the third one. He said, ‘I put a verse on it and Hodgy put a verse on it.’ [You’re] gonna be so amazed at the marriage, some things don’t always mesh man. But these guys are super-super talented. I can’t wait for the world to see each of our talents collide.”

Pusha added that he’s enjoying his solo work, and the opportunity to show his introspective side. “[N]ow I get to showcase a bit of that side of me.”