Odd Future has some dicey words for a journalist who went off-topic. During a press conference in Paris for Tyler, The Creator’s upcoming sophomore album Goblin, OF member Left Brain lashed out at a journalist for veering from focusing on the group and asking a question about Lil B.

“Fuck Based God, this is an Odd Future press conference. Y’all be talking about other shit. Stay on topic, girl,” he scolded. “It’s Goblin, Tyler, The Creator right here. Fuck Lil B, don’t talk about him.”

The rest of the press conference was more cordial, with group leader Tyler speaking on how he conceptualized the controversial video for his single “Yonkers.” “That wasn’t going to be the first single. And the old ass white dude right there who goes around with us, he was like, ‘You should do this as the first single.’ I was like um, OK. He was like, ‘Think of a video,’” he said. “I was like, how ‘bout I kill myself at the end of the fucking video and I eat a fucking cockroach, how ‘bout that? And we did it. There wasn’t that much thought into it.”



As for his pending sophomore album, he didn’t want to ruin any surprises. “You’ll just have to hear it, because I don’t want to give you any idea of what it’s like,” he continued. “So then when I give you an idea of what it’s like, you go in there expecting something and then when it doesn’t become what you’re expecting, you give a biased opinion of it because you had high hopes for it or low hopes or some shit. So I’d rather you just go in there and listen to it flat, straight out, so you can have an honest opinion.”

Goblin is scheduled to hit stores on May 10th.

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