It looks like producer Bangladesh is going to have to wait yet again to cash a check from Young Money. The producer says that Lil Wayne has stiffed him payment for his hit single “6 Foot, 7 Foot” .

Bangladesh told that normally, producers only charge artists up front in cases when they feel the album won’t sell. But with that not being the case for Wayne, he says that his upset because he simply cannot keep passing beats to the Young Money militia for free.

“It’s not about the money, it’s not about me charging him for the beat, because he is Lil Wayne; he’s gonna sell albums,” he said. “You only really charge people that you think is not gonna really sell too much, so you want to get your money off top. You might not get it on the back-end because albums don’t sell no more.”

He also added, “It’s hard to do when I can’t get Wayne features…I don’t know if it’s the people around the situation or it’s the actual person…Every time we come up with a solution, it never gets taken care of. I just can’t keep really giving them music.”

This isn’t the first time Bangladesh has had money trouble with Lil Wayne. As of May of last year, the producer had not received compensation for his work on 2008’s “A Milli.” Jim Jonsin experienced similar scenario with Weezy, when he had to sue Wayne for his compenation for producing “Lollipop.”