Beatboxing and turntable legend Biz Markie has been known for a lot of things—the song “Just A Friend,” having Masta Ace rap with a puppet in his likeness and dookie gold ropes—just to name a few. Now Biz will add chinos, flat-front khakis and button down oxfords to the list, as he accepts a sponsorship from Dockers.

“Well, somebody contacted me and, you know, I like Dockers,” a now 47-year-old Biz told the Wall Street Journal. “I wear Dockers. They’re comfortable. I’m a comfortable man.”

According to the Journal, a representative from Dockers picked Biz as part of an ongoing effort to “update its image with more modern fits and styles.” Since his pioneering work with the Juice Crew and as a soloist, Biz has spent the majority of his time deejaying and co-hosting the children’s show “Yo Gabba Gabba.”

“Biz Markie is a classic,” a Dockers rep told “He’s a good representation of an Alpha male who embraces passion, a certain attitude and individualism. He fits well with the new Docker’s Alpha khaki that’s launching for Fall 2011 — classic, versatile and the first of its kind.”