In America, Lil Wayne was welcomed back from an eight-month prison stay with parties, as some fans even camped outside Rikers Island awaiting his release. Former President, Bill Clinton was even one of Wayne’s well-wishers. In the United Kingdom bureaucrats at the UK Border Agency met the multiplatinum rapper with rejection as he filed a visa application to bring his top-grossing “I Am Still Music” tour to Europe.

Wayne was expected to perform in a series of European dates, but the Border Agency rejected his application based on his criminal history. In addition to the prison stint, Wayne has drug charges that date back to 2007. The drug charges presumably wouldn’t be an issue, since Wayne is under a probationary order that prevents him from drinking alchohol or taking illegal drugs without returning to prison.

There is a precedent for similar visa denials. Snoop Dogg was banned from the UK after an incident at London’s Heathrow Airport. In 2008, Busta Rhymes was similarly denied entry into the UK due to a weapons possession charged that was then unresolved in the states.