In January, English rapper K Koke was on top of the world having just been signed to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation imprint and poised to make a splash here in the United States. But now it seems that will have to wait. Last week, Koke, 25, was arrested by British Transit Police on charges of attempted murder, according to Voice Online.

K Koke, real name Kevin Georgiou, is accused of shooting a man in the back at a train station on March 9th of this year. The victim was taken to a hospital and treated, he has subsequently been released. Koke was one of five people arrested and held without bail in connection to the crime. Curiously, his four alleged co-conspirators are all sixteen and seventeen years old.

Georgiou’s trial date is set for June 15. No comment has been issued at this time regarding the charges by Jay-Z or Roc Nation.