Not to be outdone by Rick Ross, Young Jeezy is reportedly about to land a notable name on his record label. reports that Jeezy is about to sign Freddie Gibbs to his CTE Record label.

When spoke with Gibbs recently, he indicated that he had met with Jeezy, but no official business went down. “[Young Jeezy and I] ain’t even get in the lab, man,” said the young rapper to DX last month. “I saw him, just passing through the A, doing my thing. I was out there on some other stuff. And, we just chopped it up, just kicked it. Went to a strip club, that’s all. We ain’t really do nothing. We ain’t go to the lab though, I just bumped into him when I was out there. And we just chopped it up in Magic City. We was makin’ it rain, slappin’ ass and shit like that.”

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Currently, Gibbs is on tour with Big K.R.I.T. and DXnext alum Smoke DZA.