Once one of the Ruff Ryders’ most promising young talents, Drag-On has moved on from the storied collective.

“I finally got my release from Ruff Ryders,” said Drag-On to SOHH.com. “And now I got my own record label, Hood Environment. We’re getting it popping. I have my own artists and we’re putting out our own videos and shit like that. We’re just working man. Word. Right now I’m feeling really good. A lot of people welcomed me back with open arms so at the end of the day, I’m just excited that the streets are excited [to hear new music from me]. A lot of people are really starting to catch on to my Hood Environment record label movement. Everything is gravy. I definitely cannot complain right now.”

Drag, notable for his feature on the Ruff Ryder classic “Down Bottom,” as well as a minor beef with Lil Wayne, intends on releasing a series of mixtapes.

“We’re starting off by putting out mixtapes, The Crazies and The Crazies Part II, with The Crazies Part III coming. We got a lot of big artists on there.”

Currently, DMX, the face of Double R, spends his time in and out of prison, while other Double R affiliates Eve and Swizz Beatz are working on music together.