It appears that some rappers are more fortunate than others when it comes to escaping robbery, as Drag-On nearly got the Yung Berg treatment.

“I just came from the motherfuckin’ store, tryin’ to cop a dutch,” explained Drag. “Bitch ass niggas tryin’ to rob me and all that,” he added, while showing off his various pieces of jewelry.

“Niggas is pussy. Straight up, dog,” a visibly agitated Drag-On boasted on video (watch below). “You niggas ain’t get shit!”

“You couldn’t shoot the one-on-one, fam? What happened, dog? …C’mon, dog! I’m dolo, you pussy nigga!” Though he failed to provide any specific details, it seems as though there were a number of assailants, and that Drag-On knew who one of them was.

More on this story as it develops.