Continuing with his Chrysler partnership, Eminem is now giving back to Detroit through t-shirt sales. After revealing his own battle through rehabilitation, Eminem has been intent on rehabilitating Detroit and these t-shirt sale donations will be his way of giving back to community organizations in the city. 

The t-shirt features a statement on the front that reads, “Imported from Detroit” and it has been a featured item on Chrysler’s website. Now, Chrysler is noting that a portion of the proceeds from the sales will benefit community based organizations including the Boys & Girls Club of Southern Michigan, Eminem’s Marshall Mathers Foundation and Habitat for Humanity in Detroit. 

This won’t be the last item sold to benefit local communities. New t-shirts have been planned and may be sold in limited quantities in the future. 

This partnership really made noise upon Eminem’s Chrysler ad for the Super Bowl, a clip titled “Born of Fire.” According to Olivier Francois, President and CEO of the Chrysler Brand and Lead Executive for Marketing for Chrysler Group, this commercial has “generated a spark” throughout the nation that may fuel this fundraising effort. 

“The objective of the ‘Born of Fire’ commercial was intended to generate a conversation about the Chrysler brand and the new 2011 Chrysler 200, we are humbled at the thought that the conversation continues and is generating a spark throughout the country,” he said in a statement. “We hope that by partnering with these charitable organizations people will be encouraged to wear their ‘Imported from Detroit’ merchandise proudly knowing that a portion of the proceeds will go to programs and initiatives that contribute to the fundamental development of the children of Detroit and the communities in which they reside.”