50 Cent may be adding another artist to his label after moving the G-Unit imprint to EMI last fall and founding G Note Records for his R&B endeavors. In an interview with VideoCity.tv, Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo said the wheels are in motion for him to move to G-Unit if an agreement can be reached between both sides.

“I sat down with probably about four or five labels,” Shaty Lo said. “The best situation I think I like is I had a meeting with 50 Cent and G-Unit. I left New York, and we had a good six or seven-hour meeting. I think it went well. I’m just waiting on his attorneys to get with my attorneys to make it concrete.”

Shawty Lo made a name for himself as a member of the group D4L. The quartet of rappers saw their stock rise from 2005 through 2006, when their single “Laffy Taffy” reached number one on Billboard magazine’s Hot 100 chart. Shawty Lo, D4L’s co-founder and acting CEO, was signed to a solo deal through Asylum/Warner. But he began fielding offers after parting ways with the label. In addition to himself, Shawty Lo says he oversees a sizeable group of artists.

“I feel like 50 is a hard worker,” Shawty Lo added. “He’s come through so much in the game. I feel like I’m a down South version. I’ve just been working hard…all I need is that machine behind me. Once I get that machine behind me, I don’t think anybody can work as hard as we can.”