Hip Hop legend Snoop Dogg and rising star Wiz Khalifa have more in common than just a love of marijuana. The Long Beach and Pittsburgh natives have gone from mere collaborations to making movies together. “We created a movie called ‘High School,’ created like six songs, and we’re looking forward to dropping that later on this year,” Snoop told MTV.

Snoop can’t take credit for spotting the young talent, it was his son who put his Dad on the Taylor Gang leader. “I never knew him, but my oldest son used to play his music all throughout his house, and I’d be like, ‘Who is this mother—-er he is playing?’ ” Snoop said. “I’ll be going downstairs, and I’d hear it in the bathroom downstairs and then I’d hear it upstairs. I’m like, ‘Man, who is this?’ Then I got hip to him and I started peepin’ him and watching him and listening, and I’m like, ‘Man, this guy is fly.’ “

The Doggfather will turn 40 this fall while he approaches nearly 20 years in the game. Nearly as many years as the 23 year old Khalifa has been alive. “It’s amazing the way two people are the same kind of people from two different generations, but we’re cut from the same cloth.”