It was announced on Thursday (February 24) that rapper Remy Ma’s appeal to overturn her 2008 convictions on assault, weapons possession, and coercion charges was rejected.

Accordingly, her husband, Brooklyn emcee Papoose, had insight to Remy’s state of mind, and was able to give his own take on the matter as well.

“She wasn’t happy about it, but she understands the situation that she’s in,” he said in an interview with “Mentally she’s free, her mind is right. She’s a strong person [and] she’s got strong family around her so she gonna be alright. We just gotta continue to fight.”

Papoose indicated some hope, as two of the seven judges ruled in her favor, including the chief judge. “That’s definitely a good sign that somebody is definitely seeing the truth of what’ really going on here, which is the fact that she’s innocent,” he added.

If no other channels can be taken to reduce Remy’s sentence, she will remain in prison until 2016.