J-Kwon recently made headlines when he explained the reason behind his supposed disappearance last year. The rapper behind the hit single “Tipsy” called into St. Louis’s 89.9 FM KMOJ and said that he was actually behind bars last year due to remiss child support payments.

According to HipHopWired.com, J-Kwon had been paying $2,500 a month in child support payments for the past seven years. Now out of jail, the rapper has learned that the child he was supporting isn’t even his biological son. He says that although he feels this incident hurt his career, he’s simply happy to be free and have his life back.

“I blame my absence from the game on this situation,” he said. “Just as I was getting my first million dollar check, a girl came to me and said she was pregnant…I bought her a house cause she’s from the hood too, I let her stay at the house. I guess while I’m on tour she’s taking paper work from the courts and disposing of them…the payment ended up being $2,500 a month…this kid looked like someone else, the test results came back in 24 hours and I am not the father…I don’t feel any better or any worse about the situation, I’m just happy to have my life back.”

J-Kwon also said that he hopes to be able to help other men in similar situations. He’s planning to start a foundation that will help fathers making child support payments prevent getting schemed.

“I’m gonna start a foundation just for that, that’s crazy that the law helps someone scheme you for this long because A, you’re young, B, you’re successful, and C, they don’t want you with it no way,” he said.

J-Kwon’s full interview can be heard below.