Brooklyn, New York Hip Hop group U.T.F.O. has not released an album in 20 years. Still, the Select Records quartet largely known for hit singles like “Roxanne, Roxanne,” and “Beats and Rhymes” may be one of the first Rap outfits stepping forward to publicly help Hip Hop founder DJ Kool Herc, in a time of health and financial concerns.

While the quartet of Kangol Kid, Mixmaster Ice, Doctor Ice and The Educated Rapper have not performed together in recent years, one member is calling for a reunion, to support Herc’s cause. In a public statement by Kangol Kid, he urged his band-mates to consider.

“I am saddened by the news of Kool Herc’s deteriorating physical condition and resulting medical payment issues. Unfortunately, the majority of classic Hip Hop artists of my generation are at the risk suffering the same fate. Herc is a legend of my time as well as a pioneer of my culture and most importantly…he is my friend. Therefore, after several failed attempts to reunite U.T.F.O., I urge original members Doctor Ice, Educated Rapper, Mixmaster Ice and myself, Kangol Kid to put our differences aside and appear/perform for one show which will be awarded to the highest biding promoter from any city for what may be the first of many or the last performance of U.T.F.O. One hundred percent (100%) of U.T.F.O.’s earnings from this performance will be donated directly to Kool Herc’s medical expenses because it is the right thing to do. I am doing my part…and I challenge anyone who has benefited financially from the business of Hip Hop to do theirs.”

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