Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA has announced he is working on a new album. While he has yet to announce a title for his sixth full-length album, GZA stated via Twitter that the project would have a visual and audio element and be “in a league of its own.”

Ready to get into the lab to record this next album.8:56 PM Jan 22nd via Echofon

In April of 2010, GZA announced he would release a sequel to his critically acclaimed 1995 album, Liquid Swords. He set a tentative release date of fall 2010 for Liquid Swords 2, which he added would feature production by Wu-Tang’s RZA. In a Twitter post shortly after his initial announcement, GZA clarified that the upcoming project will not be Liquid Swords 2—although he apparently does intend to eventually release it.

This project will have a visual and audio element. In a league of it’s own. Taking it up a notch before we get Liquid Swords 2 in motion.9:02 PM Jan 22nd via Echofon

While RZA’s production duties are currently taking a backseat to his directorial movie debut, The Man With the Iron Fist, GZA and the remaining Wu-Tang Clan members recently helped wrap up their 26-date, nationwide “Rebirth” tour.

NOT Liquid Swords 2. Not yet.9:25 PM Jan 22nd via Echofon via Echofon