Tyrone “Caliber” Simmons, a 28-year old up and coming rapper from Atlanta, is claiming that rapper 50 Cent stole the beat for his song “I Get Money” which was featured on The Massacre.

According to AllHipHop.com, Simmons purchased the license to the instrumental version of “I Get Money” which cannot be used without his permission due to a copyright.

“The misappropriation of copyright-protected material is an endemic problem in the music business, and particularly in the genre of hip-hop/rap. This is one such case,” said Louis D. Tambaro, Simmons’ attorney. “Our client was granted exclusive rights to the ‘I Get Money’ instrumental and was unceremoniously cut out of the loop when the defendants realized they had a huge hit on their hands.”

Parties named in Simmons’ lawsuit include 50 Cent, Aftermath Entertainment, G-Unit, and Shady Records. It is unclear how much Simmons is seeking in his lawsuit.

In other news, FastCompany.com reports that 50 Cent has invested in yet another company. This time the rapper turned entrepreneur is investing in digital eyewear performance company Gunnar Optiks.

Gunnar Optiks recently introduced their high-end 3-D glasses which create a more comfortable 3-D viewing experience. Glasses range from $70 to $200.

50 Cent even posted a picture of himself wearing a pair of Gunnar Optiks glasses via Twitter.

“Tweetin with my gunnar glasses on trick! U aint got these suckas. Get ur money right ima get like 50 new hoes wit,” said 50 Cent in a Tweet.