50 Cent may be known as a rapper that constantly involves himself in controversy, but there is a reason other than beef that his stock is astronomically high. Curtis Jackson also makes smart investments that eventually pay off.

According to chron.com, Coca-Cola recently acquired Glaceau to expand its water and energy drink offerings to the tune of $4.1 billion. Now it may be asked “How does 50 Cent plays into this?” Almost 3 years ago, 50 made an investment into Glaceau and their biggest product, Vitaminwater.  The company, in turn, put out the grape flavored water and called it “Formula 50.” 50 Cent was said to own 10% of the company.

To put it in perspective, India’s Tata Group owns 30% of Glaceau and will make $1.2 billion of the $4.1 billion purchase price. With that considered, 50 Cent stands to make roughly $400 million, which is his 10% of his ownership in the company.



While it is not known how much 50 invested originally, it is assumed that there will be a significant profit margin after all is said and done.

In the meanwhile, 50 Cent‘s upcoming album Curtis may be pushed back until September, but you can still preview tracks by CLICKING HERE.