In what may be a sign of the times D12 member Bizarre may have possibly posted an ad on Craigslist offering his lyrical services.

The ad was posted on December 10 under Manhattan, Gigs, and then Talent Gigs although it’s still unclear if the ad was actually posted by Bizarre or if someone else posted the ad as a joke.

“$500 for a verse from D12’s Bizarre. First come first serve,” read the ad which boasted a title asking “Want D12’s Bizarre On A Song?!”

As a solo artist Bizarre has released a number of mixtapes and studio albums including Hannicap Circus, Blue Cheese & Coney Island, and most recently Friday Night At St. Andrews

On top of his work in D12 and as a solo artist, Bizarre has also been working with Connecticut rapper Fury as part of the group Something Awful.

Bizarre has yet to respond publicly to the Craigslist Ad.