Rapper Paris has filed a lawsuit against a producer, NBC Networks and Warner Brother Pictures, according to Allhiphop.com.

A lawsuit filed on December 7th indicates that Paris is accusing the defendants of stealing the concept for “Your School Makeover,” using it in the series “School Pride” instead.

The complaint indicates that the rapper copyrighted the concept for the show, and registered the domain name YourSchoolMakeover.com in June 2007.

“In or about early October, 2010, Plaintiff began receiving unsolicited telephone calls of congratulations for finally getting the work produced, in response to advertising on defendant’s NBC’s network School Pride,” says the complaint.

The rapper’s lawyers claim NBC ignored all warnings and denied any copyright infringement allegations.

Paris is suing NBC for $20 million dollars, in addition to statutory damages of $30,000 for five different charges of copyright infringement.