J. Cole is wrapping up his debut album, due on Roc Nation in March. While he is signed to S. Carter’s label, Cole still doesn’t have a Jay-Z record for his album. “I haven’t found the song that we wanna do yet, but there was one that almost happened, that he was about to write to,” he told Rap-Up. “I didn’t even write to it. I just gave him the beat like, ‘Yo, I think you would sound good on this.’ I’m glad nothing really happened because a few months later I realized that’s not the one.”

A collaboration nearly happened on Cole’s Friday Night Lights. “There was this one record we were gonna do. Even the song ‘Enchanted’ off the mixtape, that’s a song that when I first did it, I heard Jay-Z. I’m thinkin’ like, ‘Man, is this gonna be the song?’” he says. “But I’m really particular and picky, just by the way I move and handle my announcements and everything. I’m really calculated.” J isn’t discouraged he hasn’t found the record yet, he remains hopeful. “I’m definitely hoping. I plan on it. Every new song I do for the album is getting better and better, so hopefully I’ll do the one for me and Jay soon.”

While Jigga isn’t on the album yet, he has heard it. “I haven’t sat down and played him it in its entirety, front to back, ’cause I don’t even know what that is yet. But I played him pretty much all the songs that are on the album at some point, either when I first did ‘em or like four or five in a batch. But yeah, Jay has heard all the music.”