Kat Stacks kept Soulja Boy’s name in Internet search engines for all the wrong reasons when she posted a video to the Web alleging the Rap star used cocaine during a weekend fling with her. Now that Hip Hop’s most infamous groupie since Karrine “Superhead” Steffans faces deportation back to her native Venezuela, Soulja Boy has some interesting thoughts.

“It’s sad that she’s getting deported,” Soulja Boy told Angie Ang of Washington D.C.’s WKYS 93.9 FM. “They taking my baby away…don’t want me to see her no more. When you love somebody you don’t argue; you’re gonna have arguments. I meant everything that I said. She’s all of that and more—scum of the Earth. That’s my baby though, man. I love her.”

The allegations led to a short-lived feud with Fabolous, which has since ended. Meanwhile, Kat Stacks was reportedly arrested in Nashville, Tennessee for immigration-related issues. As for Kat’s cocaine allegations against Soulja Boy, the rapper maintained his innocence and looked at the rumors as a positive.

“I ain’t never did coke a day in my life,” he added. “I ain’t never been in a rehab center a day in my life. Shouts out to the blogs making up stories on me. But at the end of the day it’s publicity. I got an album coming out November 30. Say whatever you want to say, because I know what’s true. I sold 22 off ‘Crank Dat,’ 10 million off ‘Turn My Swag On,’ 10 million off ‘Kiss Me Thru The Phone.’ Three years later I’m chillin, and they hating me. I ain’t never did no coke. I just hopped off a plane. I was talking to Wall Street Journal!”