Prior to releasing his “Friday Night Lights” mixtape, J. Cole expressed his concern about making sure his formal debut album would reach as wide an audience as possible. Getting an assist from the man behind two of the past decade’s best selling artists should help in that regard.

“I did some work with Dr. Dre, without going any further than that,” Cole told “I will tell you he’s incredible, absolutely incredible. He has life-changing music.”

The confirmation comes after Dre went on record with radio personality Big Boy and listed Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole as two artists he had his eye on. So far, two confirmed singles, “Kush” and “I Need A Doctor” have been released from Detox.

Past collaborators such as Bishop Lamont and Knoc-turn’al have said Dre takes a team approach to making albums, and a quick glance inside of 2001’s liner notes show’s ghostwriters such as Jay-Z listed with publishing credits. If the collaboration sees the light of day, the only remaining question is if it will be on J.Cole’s album or on Detox.