Released from New York’s Woodburne Correctional Facility just a year and two days ago, rapper Shyne was promptly deported to his homeland of Belize. Since then, the former 1999 Bad Boy Records star has signed to Def Jam Records for a reportedly seven-figure deal.

This morning, a spokesperson for Shyne revealed that the emcee may release two albums by year’s end. Gangland and Messiah are both planned, as of now, for December of this year. Both titles had been mentioned previously during Shyne’s incarceration, although the tandem album concept had never been previously discussed. Rappers to previously release two albums at the same time include Nelly’s Sweat and Suit, and this year’s E-40 pairing, Revenue Retrievin’: Day Shift and Night Shift.

Shyne’s first single is “Roller Song” though it yet unclear which album that will appear on.