50 Cent recently talked to Vibe Magazine about his as-of-yet untitled fifth studio album. After putting his electronica-influenced experimental album Black Magic on pause, Fiddy said that he has been looking in his back catalogue to previously unreleased tracks that featured production from super-producers like will.i.am, Swizz Beatz, Pharrell, Polow Da Don and his former rival Kanye West. Although he says such work may have been too left field at the time, he now feels that his fans would “…bug out on” these previously unreleased tracks.

“I’ve gone in the studio with Kanye West, will.i.am, Pharrell, Swizz Beatz and Polow Da Don,” said the Queens emcee. “I wanted to see if they could provide a new creative direction that would send me somewhere I would never go. We made some good music, but at the time the songs were not what I felt like I should present…I don’t think people were ready for that. I think my audience wanted to just hear a good record and have a good time. They didn’t want to hear anything that was so complex that they had to think about what I was actually saying to them. I got records in the house that the fans would bug out on.” (Vibe.com)

Fiddy also took to Twitter to update his fans on the progress of his upcoming album. The rapper/actor/mogul said that he will be writing nonstop for this album and that he has even developed a new style that will impress listeners.