Dipset’s Cam’Ron and Jim Jones took to Hot 97.7 on Friday where they explained their Kanye “Runaway” remix, “Toast” Although popularly perceived as taking jabs against ‘Ye and even Jay-Z, Cam explicitly cleared up speculation that shots at the latter emcee had been taken.

“I didn’t diss Jay on the song,” Cam told Angie Martinez. “I didn’t diss Jay on that song at all. I didn’t say nothing about Jay. I haven’t dissed Jay in years. I don’t have a relationship with Jay-Z or nothing but I’m from Harlem. I respect people getting money. Jay gets mad cake. I respect his hustle, his grind, so a lot of people saying I dissed Jay, I didn’t diss Jay.”

Jim Jones, added that the song was just harmless fun and that they didn’t really even diss Kanye on the record.

“Shouts-out to Kanye man,” he said. “Don’t nobody take it wrong. We here, we just having fun. It’s Hip Hop. Cam is probably one of the best rappers that’s been in this game for the past ten years. We’re having fun…[Cam] didn’t diss him on the record, he just pointed something out.”

Jones and Cam’Ron did not get specific about what that “something” was. Cam has worked with ‘Ye in the past, including on the rapper’s sophomore effort, Late Registration. Both Jones and Cam acknowledged that fact during the interview.

Both rappers will join Juelz Santana for the official Dipset reunion at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on Nov. 26.