For the last two weeks, former Fugees songstress and emcee Lauryn Hill has taken stages with Rock The Bells. The New Jersey native is returning to the stage after a lengthy hiatus from recording and performing. In conjunction with her Rock The Bells appearances and a charting single in “Repercussions” , Hill spoke with FUSE’s Touré for Hip Hop Shop, airing tonight (Wednesday September 1) at 11 pm est.

FUSE provided HipHopDX with a small excerpt from Lauryn’s revelations in the intimate interview. “I think I’m ready to express myself again, you have to live life so you have something substantial to share or else its kinda pointless and vain,” the Grammy Award-winning Hill said. “You know, I don’t think I ever did music just for attention or to be seen, I really did it because it also simulated me, you know I was excited about the challenge or the challenges making music presented.”

Having released music since the early ’90s, the multi-talented Hill, who also starred in Sister Act 2, recognizes her merits. “I have a pioneer spirit, and when you can’t do that because you feel a certain amount of claustrophobia, to me it becomes a little counterproductive so I needed to make my own space again.”

Hip Hop Shop features an exclusive interview with Lauryn Hill as well as other TBA artists from the Rock The Bells tour. The show premieres tonight at 11 pm EST on FUSE.