In the hopes of reaching some sort of a resolution rapper Kanye West and former Death Row CEO Suge Knight will take part in an over the phone mediation session. reports that both West and Knight will discuss the one-million dollars Knight is seeking following an incident at Miami’s Shore Club.

A phone mediation session was put in place because West would be out of the country due to prior commitments. The decision to conduct the session over the phone was made by a Miami federal judge.

“I figured I could sit him down, man to man, and get this resolved,” said Knight, according to “I’m disappointed.”

Back in 2005, West held a party at Shore Club in celebration of the MTV Video Music Awards. Knight, who was in attendance at the party, was shot in the leg by an unknown gunman. The former CEO also claims that a diamond earring worth over $100,000 was stolen from him during the party.

It is unsure when exactly the mediation session between the two men will take place. (August 19)

UPDATE: A Miami, Florida judge has tossed out the suit Marion “Suge” Knight filed against Kanye West over the 2005 shooting yesterday. According to The Associated Press, with plans to go to trial next month, the judge cites lack of evidence for the seven-figures the former Death Row Records co-founder was seeking.

West’s attorney Adam Josephs, expressed his gratitude for the decision, and called Knight’s suit “ill-conceived.” (November 5)

UPDATE #2: It has been reported that Suge Knight will appeal last week’s decision by a Miami judge to throw the case against Kanye West out of court. also reports that Knight was stopped in Hollywood, California on Friday November. The Los Angeles Sheriffs Department reportedly impounded Knight’s car, and sent the onetime mogul walking, literally. (November 17)

UPDATE #3: According to, Suge Knight has appealed the judge’s decision last month.