After initially pushing a more dance-themed album in Black Magic, 50 Cent backed away from the concept. However, one G-Unit member says that tracks from the album still exist.

“[50’s] mind runs all day,” said Lloyd Banks to MTV’s “RapFix Live” of his boss’ creative process. “I go to sleep about 7 a.m. from being up writing all that time, and he’s getting up at that time, thinkin’. He might come to my room three times [a] day like, ‘I got this idea,’ or ‘I got that idea.'”

With regards to the Black Magic project, Banks explained, “I heard a bunch of material for that project. All of it [was made while] traveling and being around. He made most of it in a … studio-truck type of thing.”

As for material that fans will one day hear, Lloyd Banks says there’s a G-Unit mixtape waiting in the wings, and will drop “whenever [50] feel like he want to pull that trigger.”