Although Lil Wayne is serving his time in jail, he can’t seem to escape the barrage of lawsuits aimed at him. This week, his former manager Melissa Philipian sued the rapper for $500,000 on top of the 15 percent of his estimated $200 million earnings five years ago.

In 2005, Philipian was reportedly fired by Lil Wayne for booking what he felt to be a sub-par hotel room. In April 2006, she sued Wayne for failing to pay the amount even after having signed a three-year agreement, and booking 21 shows. Weezy claimed that he never signed a contract with Philipian and that she forged his signature. The matter was later settled out of court for $375,000.

However, a YouTube video has recently emerged , suggesting that Wayne lied under oath and in fact did owe Philipian the stated amount. The video includes an old interview with Wayne in which he acknowledges Philipian as his manager and cites the many things she had accomplished for him. The former manager has filed a new lawsuit, accusing Lil Wayne, Cash Money, and Universal Music Group of fraud, tortious interference, civil conspiracy, and breach of contract.

Cash Money has not yet reacted to these allegations.