Rapper Foxy Brown may yet again be in legal trouble following reports that she was involved in an altercation in the lobby of a New York City apartment building yesterday (July 29).

The New York Daily News reports that witnesses saw Brown and numerous other people fighting before the altercation in the lobby of the luxury building, which is located on 43rd street, was broken up.

The brawl reportedly started when Brown’s manager Bernadette Brennan was called to the apartment building to calm the rapper down after she became extremely rowdy. The situation then escalated when Brown began attacking Brennan.

“She was out of control,” a source explained to the New York Daily News. “She was told to keep her voice down and to act right, but she didn’t want to hear any of it.”

It reportedly took over 10 people to break up the fight and by the time police arrived Brown was already gone.

TMZ reached out to Brown’s manager, but she simply responded with “No comment.”