Not much seems to be going Foxy Brown’s way with regards to her legal troubles, as the rapper’s attorney dropped her as a client.

According to the New York Post, Bruce Barron Associates withdrew their services just before Foxy was scheduled to make her courtroom appearance yesterday (July 27).

Foxy Brown came into court today for violating an order of protection against a neighbor. During her appearance, Foxy asked the Brooklyn judge for her own order of protection against the neighbor.

Judge Geraldine Pickett’s response? “Walk in the other direction.” Judge Pickett extended the order of protection against Brown, despite claims that the rapper wasn’t at fault.

“She’s a stalker,” said Bernadette Brennan, Foxy’s manager, of the neighbor. “Foxy just lives her life.”

Prosecutors say Foxy called Arlene Raymond a “dirty bitch,” then “bent over, thrust [her] buttocks at the [victim] while shouting…’kiss my ass!’ at which time the defendant’s buttocks and undergarments were exposed to [Raymond],”

Foxy’s next court date is January 28.