In a recent interview with VladTV from jail, Max B talked about his prison sentence for a 2006 robbery-turned-murder. Max says that he was actually sentenced to 40 years in prison and not the 75 year sentence as initially reported. He also said that he feels quite optimistic about his appeal.

“I didn’t get sentenced to 75 years, I got 40, they sentenced me to 40,” he said. “I was a little devastated, it was excessive. My time was excessive, my charges were excessive, I got total faith in my appeal. I will be back, even though I was in devastation, y’all seen my in Hip Hop Weekly, y’all see my face, no tears. I’m holding it down like the G I am. It’s just a little reset, it put me back, a few feet in the game so I just gotta bring it back. It’s gonna be even bigger now when I bring it back to life.” 

Max also talked to MTV about some of his peers in the rap game finding themselves behind bars. He says that artists like Gucci Mane, Lil’ Wayne and T.I. should feel grateful for only losing a year to the courts, while he expressed his remorse for Remy Ma, who is currently serving an 8 year sentence for attempted murder. He also says he blames himself for not being more prepared when it came to fighting his case.

“[Lil’ Wayne, Gucci Mane and T.I.] should feel grateful,” he said. “They should be thankful they got another chance. Even though I got another chance, it might not come as easy and quick. My shit might take up to three years for me to get out of here. It might be 18 months. But that’s just the worst-case scenario. The only person I felt really caught a rough deal was Remy [Ma]. Our situations was similar, as far as the lawyer and stuff go. [Remy] was working and not really focusing on the case at hand. Same thing with me. I was working, not focusing on the case at hand that mattered. And the end, when I had to go in that courtroom, I wasn’t prepared. I just let my lawyer do whatever. That’s a lesson. You got be on top of lawyers, you gotta do your own studying when you get situations like that. You can’t put your faith in his hands. They’re only human. Humans disappoint people. You gotta put your faith in God. You gotta work hard. It’s gonna be all right.”