Following the announcement of this year’s VH1 Hip Hop Honors honoree’s, all of which hail from the South, the show has been met with tremendous criticism.

The show’s executive producer Fab Five Freddy recently spoke to VH1 about the recent criticism.

“As much conversation that we get from southerners saying we’re ghettoizing it, conversely we get people saying why are you honoring those people down South? It goes back and forth,” Fab Five Freddy explained. “I don’t think there’s any way you can go into the space that’s called Hip-Hop and do something that’s going to appease everyone.”

Among those unimpressed with VH1 and Hip Hop Honors’ choice of honoree’s this year is Houston rapper Scarface.

“As hard as we fought to be a part of general population they still wanna give a nigga a label it’s hip hop fuck where I come from,” said Scarface in a Tweet made earlier this month.

This year’s Hip Hop Honors, which will focus on the “Dirty South,” will honor Jermaine Dupri, Luke, Master P, Organized Noize, and more.