After Tuesday’s reports that veteran Bay area emcee Yukmouth was robbed at San Fernando Valley super-market by former Death Row Records CEO Marion “Suge” Knight and approximately 10 others, reports are changing. Despite police officials claiming that Yukmouth filed a police report naming his former associate Knight, early this morning, Yukmouth told DJ Vlad that those reports are false.

“The situation happened with some other people that didn’t have anything to do with Suge, probably because they saw me shining. I’ve spoken to Suge after the incident and we’re good,” said Yukmouth. The former Luniz member also said that the Los Angeles Police Department has special interests in bringing Knight down. “If Suge was caught jaywalking they would lock him up. I never filed a police report and I never pressed any charges. Me and Suge have always been cool – I wouldn’t have had a meeting with him if I thought there was some sort of problem.”

Yukmouth did acknowledge that he was robbed by others, but said that he refuses to cooperate with police officials. “The LA police have been calling me trying to have me come in and cooperate, but it’s not happening.”

Yukmouth’s next album, Free At Last, is expected on RBC Records this spring.

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