When I first heard about this Beef I thought this was a joke. I was sure Yukmouth just took his 50 Cent beef a step further by dissin’ Game because they roll together, but when i found out that Game started it, I couldn’t believe it. No one cared about Game and Joe Buddens beef, but this shit had Cali streets buzzin’ because Yuk murdered Game (if you think otherwise than it’s due to a few things going over your head, but “the Flowers boys”, really run shit out here). Nevertheless, here’s Yuk’s side of the story. For the record, I’ve been to Yuk’s house- which is in LA, there were no signs of being broke and he hits the town hard. Oh and Game did get bounced from Oakland about a two weeks ago.

For the record, I’d much rather see them work together than beef. At the end of the day, I’m a die hard West Coast kid and the overall goal is to take this shit back.