Critically-acclaimed spitter/singer Devin The Dude spoke to HipHopDX earlier today (February 24th) and revealed his plans to resume his working relationship with legendary producer Dr. Dre.   

“I’m going out there [to work with Dre] tomorrow, man!” he exclaimed. “[His people are] saying this thing, [that] it’ll be a nice little shindig and everything’ll come out pretty cool. But I’m pretty sure he got some heat [for me to jump on]. And I just…man…I just try to make sure I’m up to par and have my stuff together when I go out there anytime to deal with him and what they’re doing over there [at Aftermath Entertainment]. ‘Cause they do it big, and their music sounds like it too when you’re in there. From top to bottom, from when you’re working on it to when it comes out, it sounds like [makes an explosion sound]. It sounds so big.”

The comedic conceptual genius first worked with the famed west coast trackmaster a little over a decade ago for the classic Devin/Dre/Snoop Dogg collabo “Fuck You” from Dre’s last masterpiece, 2001.   

“He [has] people that get in touch,” replied Devin when asked if Dre just called him up out of the blue. “But he’s real cool though. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be no problem with him just picking up and calling [personally], ‘cause he’s very down to earth. When we get around [each other] and start trying to put something together it’s real cool.”

While Devin being summoned to see the doctor seems to be an indication of progress being made on Dre’s long-awaited Detox album, Devin didn’t provide any indication to HipHopDX of where specifically his upcoming work with Dr. Dre will land.

Wherever their new collaborations find a home, Dre’s reaching out to Devin over eight years since the supreme storyteller and musical maestro last linked for the rubbery-bassline based “It’s A Shame” from Devin’s stellar sophomore solo effort, Just Tryin’ Ta Live, is surely a sign of good music from the two to soon make its way to the masses, as well as a clear tipping of the good doctor’s hat to Devin’s talent.

Concluded Devin of Dre’s gesture of respect towards him: “Aww man, I’m just blessed just to be a part [of what he’s doing].”

Stay tuned to HipHopDX for our forthcoming feature interview with Devin The Dude to learn what other legendary producer from Devin’s past he recently reunited with, (as well as what his current feelings are towards former label Rap-A-Lot Records), and to get some exclusive details on Devin’s upcoming new solo effort, (his first for E1 Entertainment), Suite 420

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