Earlier this month, Soulja Boy publicly introduced his 19 year-old Atlanta artist Ja-Bar with the single “Daze. When asked about the euphoric emotions of releasing his new anthem Ja-Bar exclaimed, “It feels really good. It feels like I’m on my way to the top right now. It’s truly an unexplainable feeling. We plan on dropping the album around March or April. We’re still trying to come up with a name for it. I’m not sure what I want to call it yet. ”

By giving Ja-Bar a platform of his own, Soulja Boy is fulfilling the development of his SOD Money Gang. Having toured for over two years with Soulja, Ja-Bar (born Justin Benjamin Alex Rucker) wishes to make the most out of this grand opportunity. Ja-Bar commented, “I’ve learned that you’ve got to keep your business real tight in this industry. Everything is treated as a business. You have to be able to keep coming out with good music.”

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Soulja Boy has many non-musical projects in the works, and some astonishing production credits that are sure to impress. “I did some songs for Kanye [West]. I did some production of Drake’s new album [Thank Me Later]. I’ve been producing for Jamie Foxx, Snoop [Dogg], Gucci [Mane]. I’ve basically been able to collaborate with just about everybody in the game. My album The DeAndre Way will come out on July 28 so mark your calendars. It’s my third album and it’s going to be my best and biggest album ever. All of my fans are going to love it. I also have a cartoon still in the works. The episodes are still being completed. It should be released simultaneously with my third album.”

Ja-Bar is gearing up to join Soulja as he embarks on his first major headlining tour. The two are equally excited as Soulja chimes, “I don’t know what I have in store yet, it’s no telling when it comes to SouljaBoyTellem. I just know that it’s my first headlining tour and it’s going to be the biggest ever. We’re going to do some big venues. I plan on hitting all of the major cities. I’m gonna be three albums deep in the game so I’m gonna have a lot of music to party with. I’m going to bring some great artist out on the road with me. I don’t have a name for the tour yet but as soon as I do I’ll let the people know.”

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