Rass Kass has been making headlines lately; the latest is a request for a cease and desist against Ruff Ryder’s Jadakiss and Interscope Records. He wants them to prevent Jadakiss releasing the song, “We Gon’ Make it”. Rass Kass claims to have bought the beat from the Alchemist about eight months ago. Kass recorded and mastered a song called “Home Sweet Home”, which uses that beat. The track is appear on his upcoming album “Van Gogh”, if it is ever released (see this weeks past news).

According to a Ruff Ryder source, Jadakiss also bought the some from the Alchemist, which is due out on his album “Kiss the game goodbye”, scheduled to be released in the second week of June. The source claims that the Alchemist never signed a contract with Ras, so the track is not his.
Ras Kass said that Alchemist was slow on getting the paperwork back to him that was went from Ras’ lawyers, “I shot him paperwork from my lawyer that we assumed that we would be just be negotiating about, but he just tried to hold onto the shit on some stank shit. And he’s even admitted that to the lawyer that he got the paperwork”.

Rass also commented their is no bad blood between him and Jadakiss, just with the Alchemist.