Icewear Vezzo does not want to be called a rapper – despite the fact he makes rap music – as he apparently doesn’t relate to the actions of his peers.

The Quality Control signee took to his Instagram Story on Monday (January 30) with the announcement that he would no longer be subscribing to the ‘rapper’ label.

“It’s a difference between a rapper and a real [ninja emoji] that rap,” Vezzo wrote. “Them two totally different type people. Rappers move, act and carry theyself like ho’s – mood swings and all. That’s why I don’t like being called a rapper. That shit a insult.”

He added: “I’m Vezzo. So to all the up and coming real [ninja emoji] that rap, don’t turn to a rapper just be a Vezzo. [laughing emoji]”

Vezzo was singing a different tune just a few months ago, however, when he dubbed himself “the first rapper to record a mixtape in a Rolls Royce” after he recorded three songs in the backseat of the luxury vehicle.

“I’m really doing a whole mixtape,” he wrote on social media. “I know for a fact I’m the first rapper to record in the back of a Ghost. I ain’t tryna hear none of that shit.”

While he didn’t clarify what the tracks were, they were likely among those on the Paint the City mixtape he dropped in December, which also serves as one of the latest installments in DJ Drama’s acclaimed Gangsta Grillz series.

Lil Yachty recently received pushback after making comments that were seemingly similar to Icewear Vezzo’s disavowing of the “rapper” label, but he clarified that it wasn’t what he meant.

His original comments arrived at a New York City listening party for his latest album Let’s Start Here, where he explained the project was made to change the narrative around how he’s viewed in the music community and give him more credibility as an artist.

“This album is so special and dear to me,” he said. “I think I created it just because I really wanted to be taken serious as an artist, you know? Not just some SoundCloud rapper, not some mumble rapper, not some guy that just made one hit.”

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He continued: “I wanted to be really taken serious because music is, like, everything to me. I respect all walks of music, not just rap and Hip Hop. Everything. So I think I wanted to make something to show the world just how great it was to me.”

Some fans took issue with Yachty’s comments, with one writing on Twitter: “I hate how rappers don’t even respect rap as an artform. Why does ‘I want to be considered an artist’ always follow with them making some shit from another genre.”

Yachty replied in a since-deleted tweet, clarifying that he meant no disrespect toward Hip Hop as an artform.

“It’s not about respecting rap, it’s about being respected as more than a rapper,” he wrote. “I create music in more than just that lane.”