Atlanta, GA

Gunna versus R. Kelly debates have taken over parts of social media after footage of an Atlanta nightclub coming to a standstill when the YSL rapper’s new song was played surfaced this week.

A video of the alleged poor reception went viral over the weekend showing Gunna’s first single since his plea deal in the YSL RICO case, “bread & butter,” booming through the venue’s speakers.



Fans took to Twitter to voice their opinion wondering why some people would ostracize Gunna but be willing to dance to R. Kelly’s music amid the decades of sexual misconduct he’s currently in prison for.

“Y’all do this for Gunna but not R. Kelly? That’s crazy no wonder he got away with that shit for decades,” one person wrote.

Another added: “Black community really cooked AF over this Gunna shit. Y’all still listen to AND DEFEND Kodak rapey ass. Y’all still listen to Dr. Dre abusive ass. Y’all still listening to R Kelly predatory ass. All while calling these men ‘legends,’ but Gunna can’t get no love bc he a rat.”

There were those on the other side of the coin defending the disgraced R&B singer as some were disgusted that people would even be willing to compare Gunna and R. Kelly’s catalogs as artists.

“Gunna a snitch,” one fan declared. “R K ELLY IS NOT A SNITCH. Gunna was rapping about being a N-gga in the streets a street N-gga aint gon snitch . R kelly was singing about women and that was what he was into thats how I look at it.”

As another chimed in: “The fact that y’all would even put Gunna in the same caliber as R Kelly is making me MADDD.”

R. Kelly has been behind bars since June 2022 and was convicted in a second federal sexual assault case where he was sentenced to 20 years for his crimes by an Illinois judge in February.

A grand jury ultimately found the Chitown native guilty on six of the 13 federal charges which included three child pornography charges for sexually abusing four girls — three of whom were minors.

R. Kelly’s Record Label On The Hook For $500K Owed To Victims
R. Kelly’s Record Label On The Hook For $500K Owed To Victims

As for Gunna (real name Sergio Kitchens), he was released from jail in December after pleading guilty to a sole racketeering conspiracy charge.

He was sentenced to five years with one year served due to the time he spent behind bars after being arrested last May as part of the sweeping indictment against YSL, which prosecutors allege is a “criminal street gang.”



The DS4Ever rapper has faced an onslaught of snitching allegations since pleading out, but has insisted from day one that he didn’t snitch on anyone.

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