Funk Flex has reigned in some of his dislike towards Tommy Richman after hearing his new single “Devil is a Lie.”

The legendary DJ was previously vocal about his hatred of Richman’s hit single “Million Dollar Baby,” but he appears to be doing a bit of a U-turn after hearing his latest drop.

Writing to X on Thursday (June 13), Flex said: “NEW TOMMY RICHMAN IN 5MIN! @hot97 ( Devil is a Lie ) ( I LIKE THIS SONG ).”

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Funk Flex recently criticized Tommy Richman, dedicating air time on Hot 97 to ranting against the rising star.

“Remember, if you’re someone that likes this song, you are a clown,” he said while cueing up the track on his show.



“I don’t know what the rest of his songs sound like. I don’t even know who Tommy Richman is. It sounds like a shoe store. Now we’re gonna document this hot garbage. We’re gonna play it, though. I know you wanna hear it. I wonder if this is big at clubs.”

Flex then played the beginning of the song, adding: “See, this part is deceiving, like it might be a good song. Watch the terrible part as it comes in. You hear the tin can drums?”



Despite not being a fan, Funk Flex is an outlier in America with “Million Dollar Baby” being one of the biggest hits of 2024.

It debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in May after racking up 38 million official U.S. streams, 302,000 in early radio airplay audience and 4,000 downloads in its first week.

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Joe Budden has also been a critic of the track after some argued it would be the song of the summer, but praised the “marketing” of the hit.

Tomm Richman later hit back at the former Slaughterhouse rapper, commenting: “million dollar baby wasn’t bout u.”



“Devil is a Lie” is Richman’s first release since the smash hit, which made him a huge success after over a decade in the game.

On the track, he reflects on his sudden rise to fame: “I did so much, you did it with me, and I’m not alone / Since 2019, was dinners with me, I’ma set it in stone / You come from a sunken place again / You know the struggle, baby, can we be friends? / From the bottom to the top began / We go on again, on again.”