Miami Gardens, FL

French Montana has been sued for $50,000 by a man who claims he was an extra in the Florida music video with Rob49 where a shooting broke out earlier this year.

According toTMZ, Carl Leon has filed a lawsuit against French stemming from the January 6 shoot-out that left 10 people injured.

Montana claims it was a wrong place, wrong time sort of deal as he was out celebrating at The Licking in Miami Gardens while Leon alleges that he was asked to be an extra in the filming of a music video for French and Rob49’s “Igloo” collab. 

The suit claims that The Coke Boys leader made the move to the nearby restaurant after a robbery took place across the street involving production staff and the assailants, who opened fire and injured 10.

Leon is seeking $50,000 in damages due to the negligence of French Montana and others involved with the video shoot.

Police Chief Delma Noel-Pratt called out French following the January shooting saying they should have been notified to put the proper protocols in place to possibly avoid the violence that took place.

Rob49 spoke toHipHopDX earlier this month where he cleared up the rumors that there was no music video and he claims that he, French and the rest of their crew were celebrating the release of their “Igloo” collaboration.

“We were just chilling and we just wanted to perform the song and shit and celebrate because it was dropping that night,” the New Orleans rapper said. “So we just went to turn up with him. I saw [reports] that it was a music video and I was like alright I’m not even about to clear that up.”

Rob49 Resurfaces With Injuries Following Fan Concern Over French Montana Shooting

Rob49 Resurfaces With Injuries Following Fan Concern Over French Montana Shooting

Rob49 was one of the 10 people injured in the shooting as he took a bullet to the arm, but he’s doing much better months later. Four of the victims were airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center while Rob drove himself to the hospital.

“Listen, man I done been through a lot,” he added. “That’s not half of the shit I done been through. That’s some shit we went through at home like 100 times. The world just got a chance to see it because I got a platform but it ain’t nothing like that to me.”