Flo Rida’s ex-girlfriend Melyssa Ford has reacted to her former boo winning $82 million from an energy drink lawsuit — and she held back from being petty.

Ford joined The Joe Budden Podcast as a recurring guest host, where Joe Budden and the rest of the crew teased her about the “Right Round” rapper being awarded a hefty eight-figure sum from the drink company Celsius.

“The internet started to be like, ‘Damn, I’d hate to be his ex right now,'” Budden deviously said. “Couple of them was like, ‘Damn, Melyssa Ford gotta be sick.’ And I was like, ‘Not my co-host!’ I didn’t know nothing about that, which made this story all the funnier for me because, damn, you gotta be sick to your stomach.”

Ford, who hasn’t dated Flo Rida since 2012, explained that she was actually happy for him while the podcast hosts continued to tease her about the missed opportunity.

“No, I’m happy for him,” she responded. “I am. I can’t stand you guys.”

“He won $83 million. What we talkin’ bout?” QueenzFlip added before being quickly corrected by Ford. “$82 [million].”

“Ohh, that was it,” Flip continued. “We got her!”

The video vixen and Florida rapper first connected in 2008, but didn’t officially begin dating until March 2011. Their relationship last just shy of two years, coming to an end in December 2012.

The “Low” hitmaker won his lawsuit against Celsius last week after he sued the company over stock, claiming he was promised but never received any stock for promoting the company’s drinks for years.

He was hired as an ambassador for the drink in 2014 and a Broward County jury sided with his argument that he wasn’t compensated fairly and there was a breach of contract.

“Well, this started back in 2014. I was asked to be the brand ambassador for Celsius,” Flo explained in a recent interview with CNBC’s Squawk Box. “I mean, this was a young company out of the state of Florida, and myself, I thrive on health.

“Since being in ninth grade, all I did was love fitness knowing that health is really wealth. So I was in this thing for the long haul, and basically when it came down to getting compensated…

He added: “It was a time during the pandemic where I got to sit down and really check out all my business endeavors. And this one in particular, I check it out and they were telling me that one of the products I was endorsing wasn’t selling and I got a chance to look at it and it was doing more than well.”

Flo Rida Explains Why He Sued Energy Drink Company Celsius

Melyssa Ford wasn’t the only one happy for Flo Rida as 50 Cent sang his praises for the rapper too.

“official_flo is a good dude Celsius was wrong and they are going to have to pay now,” 50 wrote on Instagram after the verdict. “I was only drinking it because Flo was involved. Money by monday! #bransoncognac #lecheminduroi”

Flo Rida responded to 50 by saying: “Love you my brother always appreciated and a true inspiration to this situation in way you’ve accomplished in your ventures.”