Flavor Flav‘s musical taste spans multiple genres, and the Public Enemy rapper is not ashamed to admit that one of his favorite artists is none other than Taylor Swift.

The rapper/reality star joined his fellow artists at the 2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards on Monday (March 27), where he donned a shirt with Taylor’s lyrics emblazoned on it as he walked the red carpet. Upon showing it off during an interview with iHeart, Flav unabashedly copped to being a Swiftie.

“Always love Taylor Swift’s music, you know what I’m saying,” he told the host. “[I’m a Swiftie] as you can tell! I’m here to support her! I’m here to support my girl.”

Flavor Flav then broke out his own rendition of “Bad Blood” to prove his fandom. “I ain’t got no bad blood today! I got the good blood, you know what I’m saying!” he laughed. “Word up! But yeah, I wanna meet her, too. One day.”

And his wish came true, posing for a selfie with the superstar singer later that night. Check out the interview and pic below.

While he’s in a great space now, Flav recently admitted that there was a time in his life when he spent over $2,000 a day on drugs.

During an appearance on Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast, the P.E. legend spoke about his journey to sobriety and just how serious his addiction got.

“I kinda maintained myself very well while I was on that shit,” Flav said of his drug habit. “I kinda kept it hidden so a lot of people didn’t really know. They were trying to figure it out, ‘Yo, is he on something?’ Because I never let people know what I was doing. I started letting people know what I was doing when I was getting tired of being like that.”

Boosie Badazz Casts Flavor Flav As His Father In 'Where's MJ?' Movie

Boosie Badazz Casts Flavor Flav As His Father In 'Where's MJ?' Movie

He continued: “There was a time that I was spending $2,400 to $2,600 a day for six years straight. You do the math. That’s how much I spent on drugs. I ain’t gonna lie. I sold a lot, but I was my best customer. I had a lot of money at the time too. I was just doing wrong things with my money. I guess God wanted me to live.”

The Long Island native noted that he opened up about his crack addiction in his 2011 book, Flavor Flav: The Icon The Memoir, and that he now feels like a “mouthpiece” to help people avoid similar mistakes.

He also said kids are looking up to rappers more and more these days, and that it’s important artists send the right message.

Flavor Flav is now three years fully sober and previously celebrated his second year of sobriety on social media last October.