Texas A&M Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel has been the subject of several controversies, including suspicion of underage drinking and selling his autograph, the latter of which violates NCAA rules.

One such controversy includes the star quarterback’s association with Drake. In April, Johnny Football revealed that it was a trip to Toronto to visit Drake that changed his life “forever,” and caused him to “Come back a completely different person.”
Manziel even sports an OVO tattoo on his wrist, referring to OVO Sound, Drake’s label.

In a recent interview on ESPN’s “First Take” Drake appeared as a guest, and was asked about how much responsibility Manziel, 20, should shoulder for his actions. “There is accountability in some situations,” responded Drizzy. “I encourage him to have stronger discipline than anybody else, and I tell him: ‘In this position that we’re in, it takes major sacrifice. And a lot of the time, I know you want to live your life, and I know you want to have fun, but there’s also a bigger picture here, and we’re in it for the long term.’ I try to implement that into his psyche, and I tell him: let’s have that discipline; let’s sacrifice all the fun. Even if it means coming to see me. If they’re going to scrutinize you about coming to see me, don’t worry. We’ll see each other. You play your game.”

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Drake continued, explaining that he didn’t appreciate any sort of negative connotation associated with the rapper hosting Manziel for a weekend. “I guess that’s the thing that bothers me the most. It’s kind of offensive to me for people to think that coming to hang out with Drake means I’m going to, like, your career’s going into a downward spiral. To mom and everybody else…who assumes that a weekend with Drake is that, my goal is I want to see this kid thrive and succeed, so I would never put him in any situation. I would never put him in jeopardy. He came out there for the music and the experience, and it was a phenomenal experience.”

“We had fun. I’m the guy making sure nobody’s taking any pictures,” added Drizzy. “Even if we’re not doing anything wrong, I’m the one that’s…my eyes are peeled, and I’m telling everyone around me, ‘Make sure he’s good, taken care of.’ For me, it’s not hanging out and looking cool because I know Johnny Manziel. I’ve actually…I care about this guy.”

Watch the interview below:

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