DJ Drama has worked with several prolific artists for his legendary Gangsta Grillz mixtape series. Lil Wayne, Pharrell, Tyler, the Creator, J. Cole and more have collaborated with the Philly DJ and label executive. There’s another Gangsta Grillz tape that’s unreleased but could possibly see the light of day if Max B has everything work in his favor.

On Thursday (July 14), DJ Drama tweeted a message for the Wave God, who’s currently serving a prison sentence for his involvement in an armed robbery gone wrong in New Jersey in 2006. According to Drama, the two were working on a Gangsta Grillz tape before Max B got arrested, and he’s looking to finish it up soon.

“Love to my brother @MaxBiggavelli … Cant wait to u come home and we drop that Gangsta Grillz that we was workin on right before you got booked. #SilverSurfer,” DJ Drama tweeted.

Fans probably won’t have to wait long for the tape to drop as Max B is expected to be released sometime in 2022. The rapper was originally sentenced to 75 years in prison back in 2009, but he took a 20-year plea deal in 2016.

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Max Biggavelli had even better news come his way in 2019 when it was announced his sentence was reduced from 20 years to 12 years. Given that Max was sentenced in 2009, he had already served his time and should be seeing a release sometime in 2022.

DJ Drama had a brush with the law in January 2007 when federal agents raided his Atlanta studio. Drama and Don Cannon were facing serious RICO charges but ended up beating the case, and the Philly native recently reflected on that moment on Twitter.

DJ Drama Reflects On Beating RICO Charges In 2007 Mixtape Raid

“I REALLY got hit wit the R.I.C.O. (and won),” DJ Drama said in response to a tweet stating how he was arrested because of his lucrative mixtape business when CDs were popular.