DJ Drama and Queen Latifah have recreated a scene from the 1992 hit movie, Juicefor the new music video, “I’m Really Like That.”

In the video, which was released on Monday (March 27) and produced by Jordan Benston of Oracle Media, LLC, the legendary rapper is in charge of running an audition to find the next hot local DJ in New York just like she did in the classic film.

When the video starts, Queen Latifah — who’s name was Ruffhouse M.C. in the film, is arguing with a young DJ who was upset that she didn’t like his mixtape. After the argument was finished, Latifah allowed the “Gangsta Grillz” DJ to audition for her. Omar Epps, who’s name was Q in the movie, is who DJ Drama portrayed.

Check out the video below:

Once she let DJ Drama in, she popped his tape into the cassette player and his song “HO4ME” featuring A Boogie With Da Hoodie and Lil Baby started playing. The video served as a teaser to DJ Drama’s upcoming album, I’m Really Like That, which will be released on March 31.

Juelz Santana also made a cameo appearance in the video. The Dipset member took to Instagram recently with a picture he took alongside Queen Latifah in New York City. In his caption, the New York Artist explained how excited he was to meet the Queen and re-enact one of his favorite movie scenes of hers.

Usher Pauses Las Vegas Concert To Show Queen Latifah Birthday Love

Usher Pauses Las Vegas Concert To Show Queen Latifah Birthday Love

“Who U Calling A ….. Honored To Meet The 1 N Only @queenlatifah not only that I got to re N act 1 of my fav seance from my favorite movie with her WOW,” Juelz wrote. “If U Know U Know… LEGENDARY Couldn’t Let Her Leave Without A Pic #ICFMF #WeInMotion #BackOutSide.”

Meanwhile, DJ Drama stated last week that his position within Hip Hop is solidified, and he is surprised that it’s even up for debate.

“I’m not in a position of speaking politically correct anymore,” he said during an interview with Cigar Talk. “For what I’ve done for the culture and what I’ve given to people and what I’ve given to Hip Hop, like n-ggas, can’t see me.”

He continued: “Second of all, don’t ever question about what I mean to Hip Hop. How many classic mixtapes would we not have if it wasn’t for DJ Drama.”