Diddy has taken a playful jab at Soulja Boy‘s claim of having pioneered almost everything, while sending a very positive New Year’s message to his followers.

The Bad Boy mogul shared the cheerful video on Friday (December 30), from a similar seafaring site as the one from which he appeared as Black Santa last weekend. The clip saw Diddy alongside his son, Justin Combs — who was celebrating his 29th birthday — French Montana, and other friends of the family.

While Diddy’s overall message was one filled with well wishes and affirmations for the New Year, he couldn’t help but crack a joke at Soulja Boy’s expense.

“It’s fuckin’ Friday,” he started. “We out here, doing what we do, doing it first, like we always did. I’m back outside. You know, Soulja Boy, I did everything first n-gga. It’s aight. I said your name, I know you ain’t gon… but hey!”

Diddy went on to encourage his followers to take a moment to unplug while ushering 2023 in from a place of peace and prosperity.

“Check it out, it’s so much bad shit on the internet right now,” he offered. “So much negative energy. So much, just like, yo… everybody, let’s lift up the frequency and vibration. Let’s stay off this fuckin’ internet. If you seeing this, turn your phone off for a day. Get you some rest, get closer to God. Get closer to your friends.

He continued: “Be kind to people. Think about what you’re saying, think about what you’re doing. And get ready for ’23 to rise. This your season of wealth, your season of happiness, your season of peace. God bless y’all. Love!”

The “Gotta Move On” rapper seems to have spent a good portion of the holiday season in the Caribbean. In addition to offering his followers a tour of a yacht rental which he jokingly referred to as the new Tequila Deleon headquarters on Christmas Eve, Diddy was slated to join Drake at a high profile charity event in St. Barts on Thursday (December 29).

Diddy Shares New Photos Of Sleeping Newborn Love Sean Combs

Diddy Shares New Photos Of Sleeping Newborn Love Sean Combs

According to a report from Page Six ahead of the annual LuisaViaRoma for Unicef gala, Drizzy was set to perform at the gala, which took place at the lavish Emeraude Hotel. Diddy was one of 700 people at the charity event that aims to raise funds for UNICEF’s efforts around the world.

Lenny Kravitz was also scheduled to take the stage as a performer. Other invited guests included Mary J. Blige, Naomi Watts, Billy Crudup, Luke Evans, Mike Tyson, Rita Ora, and Taika Waititi.

The charity event also hosted an auction with Simon De Pury playing auctioneer overseeing the bidding wars for Steve McQueen’s race car and one of Elvis Presley’s prized motorcycles. Hospitality guru Richie Akiva erected the largest tent ever built on the beach and tables for the event have reportedly gone on sale for $250,000.