David Banner and Mannie Fresh have enjoyed a friendship that spans longer than two decades, and Banner has recalled a time the former Cash Money Records producer gifted him a fresh Chevy Impala.

The Mississippi native invited Mannie Fresh onto his David Banner Podcast and a teaser for the episode arrived last week which saw the “Get Like Me” rapper/producer reflect on getting a call from Fresh to come and meet him in New Orleans.

“Mannie said, ‘Come to New Orleans, I got something for you. Whenever you get a chance,” David Banner remembered. “Me being from Mississippi, that means come right now. I said, ‘I’m catching the flight, I’ll be in New Orleans tomorrow.’

“And this man gave me a ’96 Impala, like mint condition. Before people had iPods in their car, he had the iPods and the TVs, the whole nine. I’m talking about he wasn’t even there. He said, ‘The keys will be there when you get there. Bro, and people don’t do that kinda stuff.”

Mannie Fresh went on to talk about how after first seeing David Banner’s skillset in action, he knew DB’s future was bright.

“When you first came around, we knew you was a problem,” Fresh admitted. “We was like, ‘Banner’s a problem.’ I’m like, ‘Dude, he got that heat.’ It’s like that little aggravating boy playing song after song and he hitting you on your head with them.”

Mannie Fresh and David Banner linked up a few times in their decorated careers. Banner contributed to a pair of tracks on Fresh’s 2004 The Mind of Mannie Fresh debut album, including the Birdman-assisted “Go With Me” and “How We Ride” featuring Bun B.

Meanwhile, the “Stuntin Is a Habit” hitmaker is calling on his fans to help support the Rolling Fork community of Mississippi after a deadly tornado struck the region over the weekend.

Mannie Fresh & The Cool Kids Working On Joint Album

Mannie Fresh & The Cool Kids Working On Joint Album

“My thoughts and prayers are with all the families and communities in Mississippi impacted by these devastating and deadly tornadoes,” Banner wrote. ” There are many communities, in addition to Rolling Fork, that were totally devastated by the storm but may not be receiving the same amount of news coverage. It’s important that we all show up to support them and ensure they receive the disaster relief and aid they need. Take action, do your research and support donation sites local to Rolling Fork to get help to our people.”

He also narrated the video, which included a montage of some of the damage, and was asking anyone that enjoys Hip Hop to find a way to help.

“Anybody who listens to Hip Hop, benefits off Hip Hop, blogs about, talks about, listens to Hip Hop I need your help,” Banner added. “My state has been hit with some terrible, terrible weather, and in the area of Rolling Fork, Mississippi, if you get an opportunity to look up Rolling Fork, Mississippi and see what is happening. #Rollingforkstrong.”